Diana Spendlove,
Office: 443-550-3536
Cell: 505-249-0889
Friendship, MD
Diana Spendlove has been developing people and performance since 1995. She partners with individuals and organizations, across a wide-variety of business and industry to help leaders, managers, and teams build effective relationships, create trust in the workplace, and improve accountability throughout the organization.
  • Diana holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Learning & Instructional Technologies from the University of New Mexico.
  • She is a graduate in Advanced Corporate Coaching from Coach University.
  • Diana holds the ACC credential, Associate Certified Coach, from the International Coaches Federation.
  • She is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance from the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD).
  • Diana has multiple certifications:
    • Print Strategies Coach
    • LEAN Facilitation
    • TrustWorks
    • Mobius Communication Model
    • Mediation Skills
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • Franklin-Covey Certified Trainer: 7 Habits, Time Management, Project Management
    • Achieve Global Master Trainer
    • MBTI, PCSI, Social Style, DISC, Birkman, Predictive Indicator
5 Competency Area Approach
Diana practices a competency-based approach to coaching managers and executives in five areas:
Personal Focus: The leader's ability to direct him/herself, effectively manage his/her time, set a positive example, and focus on action and getting results.
  • Action Orientation
  • Results Focus
  • Role Modeling
  • Priority & Time Management
  • Self Understanding & Development
Interpersonal Focus: The leader's ability to effectively relate to others, either individually or in groups, and face-to-face or in writing.
  • Interpersonal and Relationship Skills
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Influencing
Workforce Focus: The leader's ability to manage and direct the work of individuals or teams with whom the leader works.
  • Human Resource Management
  • Develop Organizational Talent
  • Team Leadership
  • Accountability & Ownership
  • Delegation
Business Focus: The leader's ability to effectively plan and direct current business activities, balancing customer interests with financial requirements.
  • Business Knowledge
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Quality Centered
  • Planning and Execution
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
Strategic Focus: The leader's ability to plan for and act on changes in the business and market environment that impact current business plans and processes.
  • Change Management
  • Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Conscious Culture


I had the pleasure of observing and co-training with Diana in Employee Assistance Program training. She is a thorough professional who takes her work seriously, constantly seeking out new knowledge and absorbing it quickly. Diana holds herself lightly and is a joy to work with. She is a creative and pleasant training professional who relates easily to participants and colleagues. ~ Anna Watkins
It is without hesitation that I provide this recommendation for Diana Spendlove as she is truly an outstanding professional that excels as a Corporate Trainer and Coach. Diana has provided training to both large and small companies alike, always giving more that what has been asked of her. Diana has the ability to engage her audience whether they be front line employees or senior executives always striving to provide the outcomes desired. ~ Marty Walter
Diana, was an excellent coach always responsive, responsible and insightful. She has helped me manage stressful situations, plan for the future and stay on target with my goals.  I have seen her lead ASTD in New Mexico and found her to be very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. ~ Carol Richmond
Diana is a extremely capable professional in Workplace Learning and Performance. I have worked with Diana as an Instructional Designer and facilitator. Through my experience I have seen Diana demonstrate attention to detail, professionalism, and diligence in achieving objectives. 
In addition to working with Diana professionally, she and I have served in leadership roles with the NM Chapter of ASTD. Diana's most recent role was President. Through Diana's leadership The NM ASTD Chapter has reached new heights and achieved objectives previously out of reach. 
I highly recommend Diana Spendlove for any role in Workplace Learning and Performance. Diana's strengths will be an asset to any organization she is involved with. ~ Jim Hughes
Diana Spendlove worked with me as a professional coach for 5 months as part of my development at Lovelace Health Plan. Diana was a remarkable resource; we set realistic goals, used multiple tools to assess and support my growth, and ended our work with a dynamic branding assessment. Diana is the consummate professional; she was flexible with my schedule and always brought a positive attitude to our sessions. I highly recommended Diana for anyone looking to learn more about themselves and how they can use their natural assets to grow in the workplace. ~ Stevie Morrison
Diana Spendlove provides quality work through her attention to detail and creativity. She strives to do as much research as possible to be sure she is providing the ultimate in service. Her talent also aids the client in their own growth to innovation. ~ Jillian Gonzales
Diana is an excellent trainer, facilitator and management instructor. When I was the interim Director of the Business & Industry Training Center at San Juan College, Diana was one of the top trainers we worked with as the College delivered executive level training to companies and organizations. Her presence in the training room and he ability to connect with clients in the training environment is at the top levels. I'd recommend her for executive coaching, management training and management team development. ~ Jasper Welch
Diana is a very effective manager and extremely thorough in her duties. Her leadership was admired by many employees. She created a highly productive atmosphere while ensuring an optimistic environment for her staff. She lead several instrumental projects for the organization, playing a vital role in the prosperous development of the institution. It is a pleasure to recommend her and I can assure that she will be a valued asset to any organization. ~ Diego Sanchez
Office: 443-550-3536
Cell: 505-249-0889
E-mail: diana@dianaspendlove.com
"In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are."
~ Max DePree, The Art of Leadership